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Welcome to Southern Boy Teas!

I’m Frank. I’m the owner/Chief Executive Zoomdweebie behind Zoomdweebie’s Tea where “We’re Nerdy About Tea!” Southern Boy Teas is a brand of Zoomdweebie’s Tea dedicated to providing excellent iced teas for the discerning iced tea drinker.

I am a southern boy. I grew up in Alabama and Tennessee, and graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in Huntsville, Alabama. [Only place in the world where they name a high school after a defeated general.] Somehow, I wound up here in Wichita, Kansas and have been here most of my adult life. I love Wichita, but I do sometimes miss the south.

I guess one of the things I miss most about the south is the iced tea. That’s not to say they don’t have decent iced tea in Wichita, but I think it’s just appreciated more in the south. It’s relished as the perfect end to a hard day’s work. It’s a thing to share with company out on the porch on a warm afternoon. It’s something you need to drink from a glass, even if it’s just a mason jar, because it doesn’t taste the same in a plastic cup. Restaurants down south don’t offer you a straw with your tea, because everybody knows tea is for sipping, not sucking through some petroleum-based construct.

My love for iced tea led me to go into the tea business, where I have learned all kinds of fascinating things. Most of all though, I’ve learned what it takes to make the best iced tea you can find.

At Southern Boy Teas, we only use premium organic teas from the best growing regions and 100% organic flavors.  We blend our teas by hand in small batches and hand-pack them into oversized 2-quart teabags. These are not your everyday iced teas, these are a special treat! Our flavored teas are also 100% vegan.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.