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Just a few of our awesome iced teas

And real customer reviews

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Cotton Candy Iced Tea

pouch mockup-Cotton Candy
You won’t believe how much this tastes like sweet caramelized cotton candy! Better than cotton candy, it’s an amazing iced tea with a lovely cotton candy accent.
First sip…oooh wow! This is cotton candy all right! Yum! Super delicious!- CHAroma, Steepster.com
WOW does it taste like cotton candy! Not just sugar, but honest to goodness spun sugar, with a little bit of caramelized sugar flavor in there.- Dylan Oxford, Steepster.com

Monkey Fart Iced Tea

Everybody needs a little Monkey Fart Iced Tea in their life. Banana lovers take note, this will make you happy inside.
I love this. Very refreshing and delicious. YUM YUM YUM!- LiberTEAs, Steepster.com
…this is even better after its spent the night in the fridge. Even more banana flavor without the need of any sort of addition!- Amanda, Steepster.com
pouch mockup - Monkey Fart

Neapolitan Ice Cream Iced Tea

pouch mockup - Neapolitan
Chocolate, strawberry and creamy vanilla in an iced tea. And it’s vegan too!
Yum! I mostly smell strawberries and creaminess. Once I get a taste of the brew, it definitely has all three flavors going on, Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. I am sure the flavors would come out even more if I sweetened it, but this is good as it is, and that is how I usually drink iced tea. Definitely a winner.- SimplyJenW, Steepster.com
This stuff is DA BOMB tastes just like the ice cream people I really mean it I want MOAR NAOW! …I even re-stepped the bag and it was still great! Getting more!- Azzrian, Steepster.com


Rainbow Sherbet Iced Tea

Smooth and creamy orange + lime + raspberry + our amazing tea = pure deliciousness!
Oh my. This one exceeded my expectations. I had the neopolitan ice cream SBT and enjoyed that but this one is even better. I mostly get lime and orange and there’s a definite creaminess to it, this is incredibly refreshing. I’ll definitely be buying more of this.- Scatterbrain, Steepster.com
This really does taste like sherbet! I added a little stevia to bring out the fruit flavors a bit more. That said, while I do like this and it tastes really great. I have some strange conflicted feelings about sherbet flavored tea, like it shouldn’t be possible- Kiaharii, Steepster.com
pouch mockup-Rainbow Sherbet

Razzleberry Iced Tea

pouch mockup - Razzleberry
If you are from the south, you might know about razzleberry pie. It’s made with raspberries and blackberries, and it’s almost as good as this tea.
My daughter made both the Sherbert and Razzleberry Iced Teas and shared them with me. I absolutely love them both! They are probably my favorite for iced tea so far. The flavor is excellent and natural tasting ( not artificial at all) The base tea is perfect as well! Both these teas are very refreshing especially during this heat wave we are having! I will definitely buy more of these iced teas and actually want to try a few others after tasting these.- Dhart1214, Steepster.com
Raspberries and blackberries are my favorite berries so I love this tea. It tastes like ripe, crushed berries were poured through my tea before I drank it…if only I had the berries. Nothing artificial about the flavors, just the taste of summer berries.- Amanda, Steepster.com